17 million adults don’t have access to bank accounts to manage their finances and over 54 million don’t have credit reports. Why is that a problem? Because credit reports are like passports into the financial marketplace. Without them, people are denied access at every turn.

From sponsoring groundbreaking legislation in California (SB 896), to launching our Social Loan Platform, to expanding a national network of nonprofit partners, 2014 was an incredible year for us at MAF.

Before looking beyond the horizon, we want to take a moment to reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come because of your support. Thank you for believing in our work and willingness to explore new ways of working with people, helping them overcome barriers in their path towards financial security. Because of you, thousands of hardworking families are enjoying the fruits of their labor and thousands more will likewise in years to come.

Jose Quinonez, CEO

Expanding Partnerships

Demand for credit building products is all over the country, so we hit the road to five cities this year to recruit new partners. This year, we’ve added 17 new organizations to our network of Lending Circles providers. These partnerships make it easier for nonprofits to offer low-cost credit-building programs so their clients get an effective, hands-on experience that transforms their economic opportunity.

Moving To A New Office

We moved from our home of three years on Valencia Street to a new building on Mission Street in September 2014. We loved our old office but the new space gives us the opportunity to serve more of our members with larger meeting rooms and better use of technology.

Lending Circles

We developed a one-of-a-kind Social Loan platform that weaves mobile‐friendly loan applications with automated credit reporting, loan payment servicing, and Salesforce’s Communities. This was a huge feat that will make it easier for us to manage Lending Circles, for people to find and join a Lending Circle and for nonprofits to become providers.

Getting A Fresh Design

A redesign of our website and logo have given us a new look. The newest version of our logo better reflects the work we do and the variety of communities we serve. The new pages of our website are packed full of easy to read information that touches on all the exciting work we have accomplished this year.


In addition to reaching a $3.7 million loan volume and 3,000 participants nationwide, we’ve launched two new programs: Security Deposit Loan and Lending Circles for Home Ownership, which will make it easier for our members to secure safe and affordable housing. We are excited about creating meaningful products with the flexibility of our new platform.

Passing SB 896

In an effort to make large-scale change, MAF worked hard to create and pass SB 896 legislation that will enable more nonprofits in California to facilitate credit-building loans. When Governor Jerry Brown signed it into law in August 2014, MAF celebrated an exciting chapter in our organization’s history and that of the asset-building field.

Adding New Staff

We’ve added a few more awesome people to the team so we can better meet the needs of our growing members. Their diverse skill sets will be sure to add even more dynamism to work we do. Welcome Alyssa, Aparna, Carmen, Isis, Jennifer, Karla, Tori and Ximena to the family!

Earning Awards

We’re honored to have been recognized by three different organizations this year for our work. As a finalist in the Google Impact Challenge and recipients of awards from the San Francisco Foundation and the SF LGBT Center, we have a lot to celebrate and be thankful for.

Making The Media

From the New York Times to the Guardian to Univision, we got some great media buzz this year (70 mentions!) on our programs and incredible members. Every story got us tons of calls, emails and walk-ins and our staff was so excited to see the overwhelming support and enthusiasm to join Lending Circles and start building their credit.




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