Preparing yourself for financial emergencies

How you can prevent an immigration-related emergency from becoming a financial one


Financial Emergency Action Plan for Immigrants

Detention and deportation can have a huge impact on a family’s finances. What happens to a car, apartment, or money in a checking account?

MAF’s new Financial Emergency Action Plan for Immigrants is an action-oriented tool that offers concrete tips to help families plan ahead and keep their money and belongings safe in the case of an immigration emergency. Topics include:

  • Protect your money: Simple steps to keep your money safe and accessible – from setting up online accounts to automatic bill pay
  • Protect your belongings: How to take stock of your belongings, why to consider getting insurance, and how to make a plan for all your belongings
  • Prepare for an emergency: Tips to help you set a savings goal, protect your credit card or set up a crowdfunding campaign
  • Create an action plan: Each section includes checklists and templates so you’ll know exactly what to do to prepare

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