Meet the Adelante Advisory Council

This group of passionate MAF advocates is fundraising and friendraising for justice

At the end of 2016, an exciting group formed at MAF: the Adelante Advisory Council (AAC) is MAF’s first-ever committee devoted exclusively to leveraging the best of fundraising and marketing resources to garner support for MAF’s programs and, more importantly, to raise awareness about the issues facing people living in the financial shadows.

The seven members of the AAC are passionate Bay Area professionals, each of whom brings a unique set of skills and expertise. They are united by their shared belief that everyone deserves a fair shot at financial freedom. AAC members collaborate with the MAF team to support fundraising initiatives, provide strategic advice, and serve as ambassadors for MAF’s work and mission.

Please join us in welcoming the Adelante Advisory Council to the MAF family! If you’re interested in becoming a member of the AAC, please reach out to We’d love to hear from you.

Read on to get to know a few of these new MAF ambassadors and learn why they joined the AAC.

Sally Rothman

Director of Operations at Wanelo

Why I joined AAC: “I joined MAF because I believe that everyone deserves equal financial opportunity. Certain communities, particularly low-income and immigrant families, are currently excluded from the financial marketplace. The work that MAF does is crucial to building opportunity and an even playing field for all.”

Jessica Leggett

Founder and CEO of Seven + Gold LLC, MAF Board Member

Why I joined the AAC: “I’m hoping to help spread the news about the incredible work MAF is doing and grow our supporters so we can expand and deepen our impact.”

Cyana Chilton

Equity Investment Analyst at Capital Group

Why I joined the AAC: “I joined because I am inspired by MAF’s work and I’d like to participate in making our financial system more inclusive.”

Peter Meredith

Marketing, Design, and Fundraising Consultant
Why I joined AAC: “I believe that innovation is essential in creating a more just world. I look forward to helping MAF build its base of support so it can expand its pioneering work.”

Dave Krimm

President of Noe Valley Advisors, President of the Board of Directors at MAF

Why I joined AAC: “I joined MAF because I’m passionate about the positive impact that microloans can make for low- and middle-income families and individuals, particularly in immigrant communities. I joined the AAC to help broaden and strengthen MAF’s outreach to individual donors, and shape our communications at a time when low-income and immigrant communities are under extraordinary pressure. Now more than ever, MAF’s financial services can be a critical resource.”


Many thanks to all of our Adelante Advisory Council members:

Cyana Chilton, Capital Group
David Krimm, Consultant
Jessica Leggett, Seven + Gold LLC
Peter Meredith, Independent Consultant
Sally Rothman, Wanelo
Jesus Sandoval, Shoreline Investment Management Co.

Special thanks to Sally Rothman for contributing content to this article.

Kelsea McDonough