Located in a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood in San Francisco, MAF attracts bright and talented staff members who are driven to create sustainable, scalable social change.

    As a nonprofit and tech startup in one, we attract people who like to jump in with both feet and who aren’t afraid of learning how to do better. In our open office environment, collaboration and teamwork are more than just values—they’re a way of life.

    Hailing from many different cultural and professional backgrounds, we are drawn together by a passion for embracing technology and creativity to make the world a better place for hardworking families.



    José Quiñonez, Chief Executive Officer
    Daniela Salas, Chief Operating Officer

    PROGRAMS (Client & Partner Services)

    Carlos Sugranes, Partner Success Manager
    Diana Adame, Financial Coach
    Diana Wong, Outreach Coordinator
    Doris Vasquez, Client Success Manager
    Elena Fairley, Director of Partner Management
    Mohan Kanungo, Director of Programs & Engagement
    Samhita Collur, Partner Success Manager
    Susana Gama, Financial Coach


    Aparna Ananthasubramaniam, Research & Technology Director
    Bradley Liu, Database Coordinator
    Ramya Gopal, Product Manager
    Raul Barrera, UX/UI Designer


    Kelsea McDonough, Development Director
    Miguel de la Fuente-Lau, Development Coordinator
    Tara Robinson, Chief Development Officer


    Jay Gu, People, Fun & Culture Coordinator
    Joyce Nishioka, Finance Manager
    Seraphine Xieu, Accounting Specialist
    Sushmina Shahi, Accounting Specialist